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About Me


My musical adventures started with a few scary weeks with a viola in junior school, however, I’m sure my decision not to continue came as a great relief to not only my music teacher, but also my parents!  My mum always played the piano and I grew up listening to her playing classic tunes from the shows and musicals. She encouraged me to try a few lessons which I did for a couple of years, but I wasn’t the best pupil so once I started playing sport, music took a back seat.

In my teens a few lads at college started playing guitars which ended up with the inevitable ‘Let’s form a band”.  Huddled in bedrooms and cold damp rehearsal rooms, horrific versions of classic tunes were thrashed out, with my early contribution being on the bass guitar!  But how many guitarists can you have in a band?  So, having bought a little keyboard a few months early, I sacrificed my career as a bassist!

From those early days I was bitten by the music bug, especially playing live – and it’s a buzz that’s never gone away. The next few years were spent gigging in pubs and clubs which gave me a musical (and social!) education.  That led to memorable adventures playing across the UK theatre circuit, some amazing festival gigs (yep, Glastonbury!) and stints in a mix of blues, rock and wedding bands.  Having played in a popular wedding duo, I then decided to perform as a solo pianist, and I’ve never looked back.

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